Master Aiping Wang Fulepp and her Practices

Master Aiping Wang Fulepp has been an innovator in the areas of natural health and life education for the past 25 years. After years of training, research, and practice, she developed a unique form of healing, called Shen Qi.

Her method is based on a combination of techniques from practices such as: silent Qi Gong, Energy Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. A native of China, Aiping Wang Fulepp has travelled worldwide introducing and practicing her healing method.

She has successfully treated many thousands of clients suffering from a wide range of health conditions, including physical ailments, emotional imbalances as well as other challenges affecting the harmony of life.

Through her healing work, Master Aiping Wang Fulepp became increasingly committed to developing a modern system of life education focused on preventative healthcare and achieving a higher quality of life, including: lifelong health, happiness, peace and longevity.

Today, she has turned her interest towards developing an anti-aging program that can slow down, and even reverse, the aging process.